Our Vehicle

In 2014, we purchased a new vehicle, radio-designated QRS-1, as our primary response vehicle to respond to medical emergencies on the Muhlenberg College campus. QRS-1 is a Quick Response Vehicle that contains equipment for the Basic Life Support (BLS) level. QRS-1 is a 2013 Ford Interceptor Utility Police Package.

Our rear cabinet was built by Admiral Specialty Vehicles to hold the specific equipment that EMTs must use on calls. This lightweight Aluminum cabinet takes up the entirety of the trunk. The cabinet allows EMTs to organize equipment in order to more efficiently grab it on a call.

Rear Cabinet

A backboard is used to immobilize any patient with a suspected head, neck, or back injury. It is used as a tool for extrications and moving patients. To save space in our vehicle, our backboard folds up.

Stair chair
MCEMS uses a device known as a stair chair to easily and safely move patients up and down stairs. The stair chair is similar to a wheelchair, but contains extra handles and tracks to assist in carrying patients on stairs. A large portion of workplace injuries to EMS workers are attributed to heavy lifting or using improper lifting techniques, resulting in back injuries.

“First In” Bag
The “First In” bag or “Jump” bag is the bag that we take in on every call. It contains equipment to administer oxygen, assess a patient’s vital signs, bandage, splint, and offer other life saving treatment.

QRS-1 contains an AED, which is used in a cardiac arrest in conjunction with CPR to revive a patient.


Prior to purchasing our current vechicle, we operated a Chevy Blazer that was a retired Campus Safety vehicle. It was decomissioned in the spring of 2014 when our new vehicle was put into service.

Our first vehicle was another Campus Safety-retired red Chevy Blazer. It had a wooden shelf in the trunk built by some of our members in the garage of Allentown’s West End Fire Station.