Muhlenberg College EMS


New Members Accepted

Congratulations and welcome to our five new Training Corps members - Bonnie Edelman ‘18, Akshara Kartik ‘17, Katlyn Mayer ‘18, Katherine Nichols ‘18, Katie Skwirut ‘16.

Membership Applications for Spring 2015 have now closed. Applications will be accepted again in Fall 2015 during the week following the Fall Activities Fair. Thank you to all of those who applied! We encouraged all of those interested in applying in the future to enroll in an EMT course this summer.

New Executive Board Appointed

  • Closed Executive Board:
    Mark Tamarin ‘16 (Captain), Eli Russ ‘17 (President), Ashley Landesman ‘17 (Lieutenant), Melissa Edgar ‘18 (Secretary), and Jon Ross ‘16 (Treasurer).

  • Open Executive Board:
    Technology Officers: Justin Eigen ‘18 and Nathan Brown ‘18; Infection Control Officer: Libby Sullivan ‘17; Supply Managers: Kenneth Siry ‘18 and Greg Kantor ‘18; Recording Secretary: Sara Kass ‘18; Social Coordinators: Rachel Rochelson ‘18 and Olivia Chatfield ‘18.

Fall 2014 New Members

We our proud to announce we have accepted 14 new members into our ranks! We welcome 7 new EMTs - David Berko, Melissa Edgar, Justin Eigen, Zoe Peck, Allie Scucci, Stephanie Spiegel, Thomas Yanushefski; and 7 new Training Corps. members - Nathan Brown, Olivia Chatfield, Gregory Kantor, Sara Kass, Conor Prendergast, Rachel Rochelson, Kenneth Siry.

Our New Response Vehicle In Action

Our new emergency response vehicle, which was generously funded by Muhlenberg College Student Government, is now in full-service. For pictures and updates, check out MCEMS on Facebook.


Muhlenberg College EMS is a student-run, volunteer EMS organization serving our campus of approximately 2,400 students.

We are in service when the College Health Center is closed - 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. on weeknights, and 24-hours on weekends (5:00 p.m. Friday to 8:00 a.m. Monday). Our membership currently consists of 23 certified EMTs and 11 Training Corps members.

We operate as a Pennsylvania Department of Health-certified Basic Life Support Quick Response Service, which means that we arrive on scene quickly, stabilize the patient, and prepare them for transport to a hospital by ambulance (if needed).