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MCEMS offers free CPR classes on campus, led by our American Heart Association certified instructors.

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Become an EMT

Explore emergency medicine by becoming a certified Emergency Medical Technician! Learn how you can receive training and become certified.

You can also join MCEMS as a member of the training corps while you are getting certified.

Muhlenberg College EMS provides quick response Basic Life Support to the campus community

We are a student-run, volunteer EMS organization serving our campus of approximately 2400 students. We operate 24 hours a day everyday the college is in session.

Currently, our membership consists of 35 certified EMTs and 12 training corps members. We operate as a Pennsylvania Department of Health certified Basic Life Support Quick Response Service, which means that we arrive on scene quickly, stabilize the patient, and prepare them for transport to a hospital by ambulance (if needed).

MCEMS Welcomes 5 New Members! We’re so excited to have you in our ranks!

Probationary Member (EMT): Svati Zaveri

Training Corps (non-EMT): Thomas Barrett, Danielle Chaluts, Francine Koitz, and Hannah Molk

We are looking forward to getting to know all of you!

MCEMS Congratulates New Executive Board!

Congratulations to everyone! Let’s make this a productive new year!

Closed Executive Board: Ashley Landesman (Captain), Eli Russ (1st Lieutenant), Justin Eigen (2nd Lieutenant), Melissa Edgar (President), Sara Kass (Secretary), and Kenneth Siry (Treasurer)

Open Executive Board: Nathan Brown and Thomas Yanushefski (Technology Officers), Katherine Nichols (Infection Control Officer), Greg Kantor and Rachel Rochelson (Supply Managers), Jeremy Eichler (Recording Secretary), Katy Mayer and Laura Gleason (Social Coordinators), and Sarah Evenosky (Publicity Coordinator)

Our Vehicle

As a quick response service, we operate a Ford SUV that carries almost everything that would be found in a BLS ambulance. This includes a "first in" bag with oxygen supplies, bandages, splints, airways, various size blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes, and more.

We also carry a backboard to restrict spinal movement in patients with suspected spinal injuries, a stair chair, personal protective equipment, Epi-Pens, and much more. Learn more about our apparatus.